My Expedition to Antarctica on Climate Change in March 2017

Ushuaia in Argentina also known as Southernmost city of the world and our gateway to Antarctica. Can you spot the ship in the background? That's ocean endeavor our carrier and home for next 15 days

With none other than Robert Swan, OBE - first person in the history to walk to both the poles. Do you want to know more about Robert Swan ?? just google it as he says

There begins our journey to visit the earth's southernmost continent - ANTARCTICA !! Do you know Antarctica is twice the size of Australia ?? This huge piece of land/ice does not have any human habitation... crazy no??

That's how Drake Passage (roughest seas in the world) look like on a quite evening. Isn't beautiful??

90 people from across the globe with one mission - climate change is reality, let's preserve Antarctica !!

Privileged to share picture with father and son duo - Robert Swan & Barney Swan

Yes, that's Antarctica !! my first ever glimpse of this beautiful continent ... i can spend my entire life just watching this view

On to the zodiac for our first ever landing...

Finally our first landing in Antarctica, I still can't believe i was there. An experience of a lifetime

Couldn't resist myself to click a solo picture here ! Proud movement for all us, we were living our dreams

Ahh that's a humpback whale very curious creature - came close to us to see who are these aliens???

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